Contractual advice

When it comes to negotiation within the world of sports, we cover the full spectrum of contracts; from employment and representation to image rights and sponsorship, including agreements with leading sports companies such as Nike, Hummel, Kelme and Adidas, amongst others, to contracts with companies which broadcast sports competitions such as Mediapro, Footers, and Tenfield, to name a few.

Integral to these negotiations is the tax planning which must be taken into consideration to determine the most advantageous options for our clients.

Asesoramiento contractual
Resolución de conflictos

Dispute resolution

Negotiation and mediation are the new realities in conflict resolution of virtually any kind. With a strong commitment to alternative dispute resolution methods, at ER Sports Law & Arbitration we always try to find the best out-of-court solution to disputes.

Resolución de conflictos

Litigation and arbitration in sport

With the intention of offering comprehensive advice, ER Sports Law & Arbitration accompanies, when necessary, our clients in any procedure which they may need to face or attend. To this end, we have become world leaders in our own right thanks to an unbeatable experience in arbitration and alternative dispute resolution, participating in more than 200 procedures in the last decade, particularly before the CAS, representing our clients in conflicts related to a wide array of sports such as tennis, athletics, soccer, horse riding, cycling, motor sports and sailing, to name a few, and in a wide variety of areas, such as employment contracts, transfer contracts, sponsorship, representation and intermediation, image rights contracts, sports discipline, doping, eligibility, and so on.

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Internal management of sports entities, equality, integrity and compliance

Part of our practice includes advising sports entities on the implementation of more efficient processes, including a review of the obligations, expenses and revenues that must be monitored. In this sense, the firm has, for example, represented clubs in audit and licensing control processes before international and national authorities. Along the same lines, as strong defenders of equality and equity in sport, we are committed to women’s sports including athletes, competitions, and initiatives such as the Everything in Sport Women Edition Congress, which has designated ER Sports Law & Arbitration as a strategic partner for their projects.

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Tax and investment advice

The world of sports is constantly on the move and globalization has paved the way for many investors to get involved. Our team is prepared to advise on the acquisition of facilities, professional and amateur clubs, from the letter of intent to the SPA. Once the purchase is executed, we fully advise the new management of the club on contractual, human resources, regulatory issues, etc.

Asesoramiento fiscal de inversiones

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