The ITTF appoints Enric Ripoll as Chair of the Integrity Board

December 2021

The International Table Tennis Federation’s AGM confirmed the appointment of Enric Ripoll, ER Sports Law & Arbitration’s Director, as Chair of the Integrity Board. This appointment confirms our commitment towards ensuring the sports compliance with the highest ethic standards.

The ITTF Integrity Board is the supervising body of the ITTF Integrity Unit and will be responsible for governing the ITTF Integrity Unit and ensuring that it carries out its roles and responsibilities in accordance with the ITTF Handbook

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Enric Ripoll gave a lecture at the ISDE Master in Legal skills

January 2022

10 years after he finished his master program at ISDE, Enric Ripoll was invited to lecture about Doping regulations and procedures at
ISDE’s Master Program in Legal Skills cohosted by FC Barcelona.

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LaLiga Business School invited Enric Ripoll to lecture

January 2022

Enric Ripoll gave a lecture on Saturday at LaLiga headquarters, where he explained the regulations, organization and structure of the North American main competitions; NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL and MLS.

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SPORT1 interviews Enric Ripoll after the Spanish Court´s decision on Lucas Hernández

October 2021

The Spanish Appeal Court has suspended the jail sentence imposed on Lucas Hernandez after him and his girlfriend (now wife) breached the restraining order they had in 2017 following an altercation between them. German specialized news site, SPORT1 interviewed Enric Ripoll to know why the Court took that decision.

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ER Sports Law has participated in the 1st NFT Collection of Lionel Messi

August 2021

ER Sports Law has advised the SouthAmerican Football Confederation CONMEBOL, Ethernity Chain, Lionel Messi Management and ISL Agency to release the first Messi´s Authenticated NFT ever, the Greatest Player of All Time.

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"Así amaneció" leading radio program in Ecuador interviews Enric Ripoll

August 2021

Enric Ripoll, founder of ER Sports Law has participated in radio Show “Así Amaneció” to comment on Leo Messi’s exit from FC Barcelona with Maria Mercedes Cuesta.

WQ Radio Ecuador


Diario Olé publishes an article on the Messi case written by Enric Ripoll

August 2021

After the confirmation by FC Barcelona that Leo Messi will not continue at the club after 20 years of relationship that will remain forever in the memory, questions arise about the economic control of LaLiga and its effects. Diario Olé published an article on this matter written by Enric Ripoll.

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ER Sports Law has participated in the 1st NFT Collection on the Copa America

July 2021

ER Sports Law has participated in the 1st NFT Collection on the Copa America advising the SouthAmerican Confederation CONMEBOL, Ethernity Chain and ISL Agency.

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Lausanne, Switzerland - June 05, 2017: Court of Arbitration for Sport, CAS building in Lausanne, Switzerland on June 05, 2017.


June 2021

Enric Ripoll has collaborated with colleagues from several countries with the Preuvian publication “Acta Jurídica Peruana”, contributing an article on the procedures to combat doping as a result of the case of the Chinese swimmer, Sun Yang.

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The Badminton World Federation has appointed Enric Ripoll as a member of the BWF Independent Hearing Panel

May 2021

The World Badminton Federation has appointed Enric Ripoll as a member of the Independent Hearing Panel (IHP). THE IHP has a general jurisdiction on cases arising from the BWF Statutes. The IHP acts as a first instance hearing panel for Integrity and Ethics cases, and as an appeal panel for Sports cases and for Continental Confederation governance cases.

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Law in Sport published the last Enric Ripoll´s article: “A Review Of FIFA’s Minor Application Guide For U18 International Transfers”

January 2021

To prevent child exploitation, FIFA prohibits the international transfer of minors – i.e. players under the age of 18.  There are however a small number of exceptions to the rule, which are regulated and overseen by FIFA. The Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players (RSTP) sets out the applicable law, and the FIFA’s Players’ Status Committee (PSC) Sub-committee reviews and approves (or rejects) the applications for the international transfer of minors.


To help stakeholders better understand the process and the detailed documents required to support applications for the international transfer of minors, FIFA has developed a ‘Minor Application Guide’ (Guide) to supplement the RSTP.

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