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Since 2020, ER Sports Law & Arbitration has been established as an independent firm, based in Spain, complemented with an office in Miami, from which to offer a global service to all our clients.

Our clients have diverse origins and range from national and international federations, confederations, and professional leagues, to athletes, coaches, agents, and clubs, as well as to investment funds and other companies related to the sports industry. We provide our clients with advice on any issues related to sport from the negotiation of contracts and drafting regulations to assisting in disputes of any kind before ordinary and arbitral courts, both national and international.

Our professional experience has led us to participate within a wide range of sports including basketball, soccer, tennis, handball, track and field, volleyball, hockey, judo, taekwondo, futsal, swimming, bowling, badminton, rugby, motorsports and esports.



Our job is to help our clients develop and navigate through their respective career path and professional opportunities without having to worry about whether they are properly protected or not.

Through our multiple years of industry specific experience, we have accumulated both a broad and deep knowledge and understanding of the challenges and issues which our clients may face.  

From start to finish, we support our clients, assuring them the commitment and loyalty they deserve, providing them with the advice they require before, during and after undertaking any project.


International dimension

Our international scope is supported by a global network of partners which allows us to advise our clients on matters in Spain and Europe, the United States, Latin America and the Caribbean, Great Britain, Russia, China, Africa, the Middle East and elsewhere.

Due to the particularities of sport and globalization, we have become experts in the application of national and transnational regulations for conflict resolution. From Swiss law, pertinent to entities such as WADA and the vast majority of International Sports Federations such as FIBA, FIFA, FIVB and Arbitral Courts such as TAS or BAT, to specific national jurisdictions, with experience in both Civil Law countries (Spain, France, China, Middle East, Italy, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Paraguay, Russia, etc.) and Common Law countries (United States, Great Britain and Canada) we are therefore in a position to provide the proper advice globally to all our clients.

This international experience specialized within the world of sports represents the main distinguishing characteristic of the firm, which we also complement with a 360º service, 24 hours a day to our clients.

Dimensión internacional


ER Sports Law & Arbitration considers it essential that our team does our part in maintaining the highest standards of the profession, which manifests itself in us participating and leading at various congresses and seminars, as well as accepting teaching roles within many leading master’s degree programs at Universities and Business Schools throughout the world, such as the master’s degree from the European University of Madrid, the Rey Juan Carlos University, the New York University, the Johan Cruyff Institute, the Sports Law Institute and the Sport Business Institute. Parallel to these efforts, we are committed to publishing articles in specialized sports law publications such as Football Legal, The International Sports Law Journal, Anuario Iberoamericano del Deporte and LawinSport, amongst others.


New technologies

ER Sports Law & Arbitration strongly believes in development and innovation, collaborating and acting as an advisor to several startups related to the electronic sports industry. The firm provides its consulting services to help our clients achieve the focused corporate objectives which they have set out.

Nuevas tecnologías
Método de trabajo

Work method

Our team is committed to providing advice on any matter related to sport, making ourselves available to assist in person and online 24 hours a day, whether it be the drafting and review of Statutes and Regulations, negotiating and reviewing all contracts which are necessary for the participation of athletes in international competitions, advising and training of technicians who assist athletes, and assisting in the full range of the disciplinary and/or eligibility issues which may arise in international competitions.

Our experience also allows us to have access to the necessary protocols within the International Governing Bodies, being able to serve as mediators in negotiations and/or procedures.

For the list of services mentioned above we offer flexible solutions, providing our service in either one of two ways, whether this be providing specific advice for a specific case, or providing a continuous advisory service which allows our client to receive advice and direction 24 hours a day, with which they can solve any doubts regarding a particular issue which may arise at any time.

Thanks to this philosophy, colleagues and clients across the board recognized us in the British publication “Who’s Who Legal” as one of the world’s leading lawyers in the Sports and Entertainment Law industry, and more recently, in 2021, this same publication recognized us as one of the Industry Thought Leaders.

Método de trabajo